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Askbox-meme/Mun only - Send me and I will answer. #1
- !: Describe the worst roleplay you've had.
- @: Describe the best roleplay you've had.
- #: What was the best fandom you roleplayed in?
- $: Who is/are your favourite roleplay partner(s)?
- %: Who is your favourite character to roleplay with (regardless of the mun behind the muse)?
- ^: Who do you dream to roleplay with and what would you roleplay with them?
- &: What is one of your roleplay pet peeves?
- *: Which roleplay blogs that you follow are your favourites?
- +: Do you prefer roleplaying with the same or with the opposite sex? Why?
- =: How many hours a day do you spend roleplaying?
- ~: Would you be able to get along with your muse?
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